• Cleaning and disinfection of air ducts

    Oct 19

    To keep your room's air fresh and clean, it is necessary to disinfect the ventilation system periodically. This allows you to improve the microclimate of an apartment or office and protect people from possible viruses and bacteria. In addition, cleaning allows the system to function efficiently. Signs of dirt in the ventilation ducts  ...

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  • Professional Cleaning Services- How to clean the air at home?

    Sep 22

    Air stagnation occurs in confined spaces. The accumulation of harmful microorganisms causes headaches, sore throat, cough, and in extreme cases, even asthma. To avoid this, you need to know how to clean the air in the apartment.   How to clean the air in the house? We have collected various effective ways in this article, ...

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  • Why is clean, fresh air very important for a child?

    Aug 20

    Hiring the best eco-friendly services near you might seem like a big expenditure, but it'll be a worthwhile investment.   Clean, fresh air is the dream of all residents, without exception, in large cities and small towns. The abundance of cars, strong gas pollution, and active industrial production turned a completely logical desire ...

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