Why is clean, fresh air very important for a child?

Published August 20th, 2021 by Unknown

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Clean, fresh air is the dream of all residents, without exception, in large cities and small towns. The abundance of cars, strong gas pollution, and active industrial production turned a completely logical desire to breathe fresh air into a real dream. A modern person is constantly experiencing discomfort from dust, noise, exhaust gases, and all kinds of industrial emissions into the atmosphere. Children especially suffer from this because fresh air is essential for their growing bodies. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and now ordinary people have the opportunity to breathe such air without leaving their homes!


Why should a children's room be regularly ventilated?


It's no secret that for the child to fully grow and develop and always feel great, the rooms in which he spends most of his time must be systematically ventilated because the air that is contained in closed rooms is capable of causing no less harm than gas-polluted street air. However, ventilation is no less important for adults. 


The fact is that in the process of breathing, carbon dioxide is released, and if you do not ventilate the room regularly, then after a few hours, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air can exceed the norm by three to five times. This indicator becomes the main cause of chronic fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and even severe migraines. 


Besides, insufficient ventilation of the premises significantly increases the concentration of all kinds of harmful substances in the air - these substances often provoke hypoxia, oxygen starvation, apathy, and a decrease in working capacity or the ability to concentrate on studying and performing any other equally important tasks. But a child has a lot of such tasks!


Regular airing of the child's room also has a beneficial effect on the child's immune system. They help him adapt much better and faster to a wide variety of environmental conditions. 


Ideally, rooms should be ventilated every hour for seven to ten minutes. It is necessary to ventilate the rooms, regardless of the weather outside the window - this should be done in bitter frosts, scorching heat, and heavy rain. Airing before and during sleep is especially important - such a simple measure can significantly improve the quality of the body's recovery.


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