AC Filtration

AC Filtration Services for Homes in Colorado Springs

In our ten years of experience treating air conditioning units, air ducts, and cleaning dryer vents for residents and business owners across Colorado Springs, we have noticed that most people do not think to care for the air filtration systems until they have a larger air conditioning unit problem. Breathing is the most basic part of life but also one of the most overlooked. We do not often notice when pollutants, debris, or contaminates are in the air, reducing the quality of indoor air until it becomes a much larger issue, despite the possibility of indoor air pollution leading to asthma, breathing and lung problems, bronchial inflammation, cough, and other infections. 

By installing and maintaining a strong home filtration system, home and business owners take steps to prevent the nastier and more subtle side effects of poor air quality. But simply installing a filtration system is not quite enough. In order to ensure your air filtration system is operating at 100% capacity, regular maintenance is required. Regular cleanings by licensed and qualified air conditioning professionals can lead to a dramatic decrease in mold, dust, bacteria, fungus, tobacco smoke, dirt, chemical pollutants, and other allergens from your space. Ignoring regular maintenance could lead to harmful contaminates building up in your system, and therefore in the air you breathe. 

Why Choose Us?

Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning offers professional air filtration services to clean and replace your air filters and air movers on a regular basis or per your requirements. Additionally, we offer affordable and thorough air duct cleaning services for your air conditioning and HVAC systems for residential and commercial customers. We are so confident that you will notice an improvement to your air quality, that we guarantee an elimination of up to 99.98% of contaminated and airborne particles from your home or office. 

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