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Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning has provided expert residential air duct services, dryer vent cleaning, preventative measures, and filtration system maintenance for over ten years across the greater Colorado Springs, Colorado area. Additionally, we work with commercial businesses throughout Colorado Springs and nearby cities Pueblo, Castle Rock, Canon City, Centennial, and more to provide the same kind of important, health-increasing services. We work with our commercial clients to ensure service is performed at a convenient time that will not interrupt the normal workday or stop product processes. 

Our commercial cleaning service clients include apartment buildings, country houses and cottages, administrative and shopping centers, bars, food production, and industrial facilities. Our qualified and licensed employees are professional masters of pipe and furnace works, working tirelessly to clean smoke and ventilation ducts. Regular cleaning, at least once every two years, is required to ensure your air quality remains high and your health risk low. Unlike residential clients, commercial clients can face administrative and criminal liability if the air quality is deemed poor enough. 

Commercial ventilation services work by eliminating microorganisms, bacteria, and fungal formations living in ventilation shafts. We remove dead birds and rodents, dust accumulation, and other organic waste. Accumulated dust can cause serious fires, so timely cleaning and disinfection are key to preventing the invisible threats of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as the very visible threat of fire. 

Our Commercial Air Conditioning Cleaning Process Includes:

  1. Removal of blockages from ventilation ducts
  2. Removal of soot deposits from chimneys
  3. Cleaning ventilation systems from dust deposits, grease, and soot
  4. Video diagnostics of ventilation ducts and chimneys
  5. Washings for analysis of PMC and mold from air ducts
  6. Installation of inspection hatches

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