commercial cleaning

Our company offers professional air duct and cleaning services and smoke removal from various deposits and blockages. The ventilation is cleaned at a convenient time for the customer. If possible and necessary, the work is carried out without stopping the production process. Our job includes:

  • Removal of blockages from ventilation ducts;
  • Removal of soot deposits from chimneys;
  • Cleaning ventilation systems from dust deposits, grease, and soot.
  • Video diagnostics of ventilation ducts and chimneys.
  • Washings for analysis of PMC and mold from air ducts
  • Installation of inspection hatches

Commercial cleaning services in Colorado Springs carry out high-quality cleaning of the air ducts in apartments, country houses and cottages, administrative and shopping centers, restaurants, bars, food production, and industrial facilities.

Employees of our company are professional masters of pipe and furnace works and cleaners of smoke and ventilation ducts, confirming their qualifications following the regulations.

How often should the air duct be cleaned?

Installing an air duct does not mean that you will have clean air. If the cleaning has not been carried out for more than two years, then you are risking your health. And also, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs face administrative and criminal liability.

What could be in the system besides dust? Many things:

  • Dirt from the street
  • Organic waste (bird feathers, leaves, six animals, twigs, etc.);
  • Moisture
  • Bacteria developing in the ventilation microclimate

Is ventilation cleaning really necessary?

Ventilation cleaning works are carried out to maintain the cleanliness of the air in the room. Various microorganisms, bacteria, and fungal formations live and multiply in ventilation shafts, birds and rodents die, and dust accumulate, which can cause a serious fire. A person's well-being depends on the purity of the air and health in general in the long term.

Timely cleaning and disinfection of the ventilation system is the primary measure for preventing various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, allergic reactions, and infections.

We will take care of the hassle

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