A Husband & Wife Colorado Springs Cleaning Team

Published March 25th, 2024 by Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning

Here in Colorado Springs, we’re proud of our family-fun air duct cleaning business. Founded in 2013 by Sean Reynolds, Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning has been making waves as the premier air duct cleaning company in the area. Sean is HVAC certified and graduated from Pikes Peak State College

Humble Beginnings in HVAC Cleaning Colorado Springs

The company has grown from a humble venture into an essential business that many in the community rely on to ensure indoor air quality through air duct maintenance and cleaning. This narrative isn't just about expanding our client base—it's a story of dedication, family, and adapting to the challenges and opportunities that time brings.

From its inception, Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning has been synonymous with high-quality duct cleaning in Colorado Springs. Sean, with his eco-conscious approach, and Tricia, who joined the company full-time in March 2020, have led the company with a commitment to excellence and eco-friendly practices. Tricia, a licensed massage therapist with 12 years of experience at Veda Salon, brought a fresh perspective to the business, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness that extends to the very air our clients breathe.

The impact of COVID-19 on Air Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs

The arrival of COVID-19 presented both a challenge and an opportunity for the business. The pandemic underscored the importance of indoor air quality. When it came to air duct cleaning, Colorado Springs residents turned to Sean and Tricia. Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning found its services in higher demand than ever before. The company's dedication to ensuring clean, healthy indoor environments resonated with the community's heightened awareness, leading to a doubling of the business. This surge confirmed the essential nature of the services the company provided but also allowed the company to invest further in its growth and in serving the community more effectively.

A significant part of Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning's success story is the Reynolds family itself. Sean and Tricia have two sons, aged 21 and 18, both of whom are academically gifted and more than capable of lending a hand on larger projects. Only time will tell if they decide to follow in their fathers’ footsteps. 

Our Duct Cleaning Colorado Springs Mission

Our services, including HVAC cleaning in Colorado Springs, are more than just a business transaction. They are an extension of our family's commitment to providing a healthier, cleaner living environment for our community. As we've grown, so has our ability to contribute positively to the lives of those around us, ensuring that every service, from air duct cleaning to HVAC maintenance, is performed with the utmost care and professionalism.

Looking back on our journey from a small start-up to a leading name in air duct and HVAC cleaning in Colorado Springs, it's clear that our growth is rooted in a commitment to quality, community, and family. Sean and Tricia, along with their sons, have not only built a successful business but have also contributed to the well-being of countless homes and families throughout Colorado Springs.

As Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning looks to the future, we remain dedicated to our mission of providing environmentally friendly and effective cleaning services. Our growth story is far from over, but our foundational principles remain unchanged. We are here to ensure that your indoor air is clean, healthy, and safe, backed by a family's passion for wellness and a commitment to excellence.

In the ever-evolving landscape of home health and safety, Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning stands as a beacon of reliability, quality, and family values. We thank our community for their support and trust as we continue to grow and serve the beautiful city of Colorado Springs and beyond. Here's to many more years of making homes cleaner, healthier, and safer, one air duct at a time.

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