How do you know it is time to clean the ducts in your home?

Published December 27th, 2022 by Twinkle

No matter how much you try to clean your house, dust, debris, and mold have a tendency to surprise you over time. Not only can the accumulation of such substances affect the comfort of your house, but it can also compromise the air quality. In your time of need, you are left with nothing but to look for “Air filter cleaning services near me” over the internet. If you are looking for the best air duct cleaning services in Colorado, Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning might just be the one for you.


But wait? How will you know that it is time to call in our professional cleaning crew? Here are some of the pointers that can help you determine.


1- Visible mold growth


One of the tell-tell signs that it is time to call in a professional cleaning crew is when there is visible proof of mold growth in any part of your house. The formation of mold and mildew can result in allergies and respiratory conditions. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get rid of them as fast as possible.


2- Dirty Vent covers and clogged air filters


It is generally advised to check your vent covers and air filters at least once a month. It does not take much time and can save you money on your utility bills as well. Clogged air filters or dirt vents can make it difficult for your appliance to work efficiently and can result in a higher electricity bill. It can also contaminate the air with dust. A professional cleaning crew can take care of such scenarios.


3- Bad odor and signs of rodents or insects


Warm cozy vents are a great place for rodents and insects. However, their presence in your air vents can result in a bad odor and accumulation of fur or shells, which can be quite unpleasant. If you have recently noticed rodents or insects in your house and there is a sign of bad odor indoors, it would be a great idea to call in professionals to have a look at the vents.

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